Sunday, September 23, 2012

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Live WebCam - WebCams: Dijon, France [ WebCamSite ]
As you, and most wine experts know, Dijon is the capital city of the French provine of Burgandy / Bourgogne, the best wine growing fields, and producers of the world. As per further information provided by - Vous etes le officiel de le ville de Dijon [ WebSite ], this a remarkable treasuered city. Also this city and the wine country it known for has people privately supporting it. IE. as per Dijon, France-Information by Lisa - a personalize Dijon travel site [ WebSite ].
Moreover, Universite de Bourgogne [ WebSite ], Dijon helps in the science of wine making which will allow both Dijon and Bourgogne maintain its tasty edge in producing the wines in the world.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Having qualified on the front row with P2 for Saturday’s Race 1, Findlay started the race and held position with a solid stint before handing over to Reader. As Reader was being strapped in, a radiator burst and the car was retired before it was even released from the pitlane.

11th September 2012
Warwickshire’s Sarah Reader had a character building two races at Dijon, France in the SPEED EuroSeries last weekend. Despite front-running pace all weekend from the #24 Juno entry, she and co-driver Garry Findlay were unfortunately forced to retire from both races with mechanical issues.
With a new radiator in the car for Race 2, Reader had the Juno running as one of the fastest cars on the track, setting fastest lap in the opening laps of her stint, and handed over to Findlay on lap 29.
However, only three laps into his stint, Findlay had sensor lights and warnings appearing on the dashboard and he took the sensible decision to park the car and switch the engine off just 45 minutes into the 90-minute race, bringing the weekend to an early close for the Juno.
Sarah Reader:
“We should have come away with a podium this weekend and it’s frustrating we were let down by reliability issues. We were running so well in both races but it was the right thing to do to retire the car and save the engine.
“Juno have again done a fantastic job this weekend and the pace in the car was very encouraging and it’s just a shame we were just unable to convert that pace into a result.
“However, it only makes us more determined to bounce back and take home the result the team deserves at Barcelona.”
The final two rounds of the SPEED EuroSeries take place at Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona on 5th – 7th October.